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Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Co.



Ramopharmin Co. is among the most reliable companies of pharmaceutical syrups and owns a variety of categories in this regard. The solid category includes pills and capsules. Several tables and pills entered to the pharmaceutical market with their brand name including Carbamazepine with the brand of Carbaram, levodopa C and Levodopa C forte with brand names of Ldoram C and Ldoram C forte, etc. and other products of Ramopharmin Co. are distributed with the name of generic in the market.

The company's vision

Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Co. will be among the top 25 companies producing pharmaceutical goods among the customers of the market locally and overseas in the region and Asia in its 1400 vision.

The company's mission

Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Co. is continuing its activities by producing different kinds of pharmaceutical products with the best quality in order to cease illnesses and curing them in line with developing the social health in the market locally and overseas.

Basic values of Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Co.

Ramopharmin Pharmaceutical Co. observes the quality obligations

Strategy orientation and excellence trends in the organizational management

Sense of responsibility toward the society and value making for the beneficiaries

Stable differences with the competitors

Activity and decision making based on the knowledge and documentations

Oblige to observe the standards and national and international rules and regulations

Fair behavior toward the coworkers

Customer orientation

Continuous learning

Working discipline

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