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Pharmaceutical Emergency Co.

Pakhshe Razi Pharmaceutical Company (Private J.S.) was established on February 27, 2008 under number 318064 and registered with the Department for Registration of Companies & Non- commercial Institutes and on September 22, 2008 actually started its activity in this regard. In accordance with Article (2) of Articles of Association, object of company includes;

Importing emergency medicines- special and single- copy

Importing and exporting medicines and medical equipment

Company's Strategic Goals

With due consideration to the fact that emergency medicines are required upon the request of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education based on shortage of medicines manufactured and imported, access to the nationwide distribution network of Pakhshe Razi Co. under support of Shafa Darou Investment Co. and efficient workforce as well, the company is ready to earn a larger share of emergency medicines market. The company won a major share of importing and selling rare, bestselling and express medicines.


In the current economic recession and the issues of sanctions and industry is expected to continue for years, and even thereafter as a special feature position to import emergency medicines since any shortage of production in addition to respective difficulties of recession and inflation which may lead to difficulty in production must inevitably be met by urgency companies. Sanctions effects create some problems occasionally and the atmosphere is fully prepared for the urgency companies.Moreover, due to the significant volume of imports (value R) in proportionate to the total pharmaceutical market (% of imports in terms of the numerical value of the 3% import market value is approximately 40%, 97% required by the country in terms of number of It.) 1,000 billion Rial emergency medicines so that Pakhshe Razi Pharmaceutical Company tend to achieve 25% market share according to the company's existing facilities and Shafa Darou Holding Company. Hence, working in this sector represents a very optimistic and bright view.

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