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This company started its activities in 1960, as a small company named Scouip Iran in Tehran, licensed by USA Scouip. The productions of company at that time were limited to some drugs including Corticosteroids, cardiac, anti-cough, and strengthening drugs. After the brilliant victory of Islamic Republic of Iran Revolution, all of the multinational companies including the said one became national and were under coverage of National Industries Organization. So that, the name of Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co. was determined for the said company, which is active in the form of a public Joint-stock Co. since 1991. Currently, Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co., is one the biggest pharmaceutical companies producing injectable and non-injectable antibiotics in Iran, which is deemed to be the pioneer in producing the antibiotics of Penicillin and Cephalosporins group, by making use of the highly experienced experts and advanced pharmaceutical equipment.
Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co. undertakes to do its best of endeavors in order to develop the health level of society by producing the required drugs at the best quality and ideal effectiveness.
The reasons of stability of Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co.’s name as a top name in Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry are to pay attention to the values, innovation, and making use of capabilities of employees, quality management and also social responsibilities.
Generally, our strategy in Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co. is as the following principles:
Respecting people, considering the expects and benefits of all individuals who are in contact with Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co. including employees, shareholders and customer.
Spirit of excellence: observation of ethical dignity, honesty, rectitude, and try to obtain the modern strategies in order for scientific and technical development.

Organizational Values
Quality optimization: Optimize the quality of the company’s products and increase the organizational efficiency.
Profitability of the company: Financial growth of the company by hardworking and endeavor.
Customer satisfaction: Attract people’s satisfaction and other company’s customers.
Objects: Having organizational appropriate goals and determine individual and group performance criteria.
Cooperation: Appropriate group work and wholehearted cooperation in performing organizational affairs.
Mutual respect: Respect each other’s character and work and emotional support of all organizational employees.
Loyalty: Having a Loyal spirit regarding to the organization and avoid leaving.
Motivation: Having work motivation together with appropriate working development and competition.
Training: Learn from each other and transfer your knowledge to the others.
Accountability: Having an answerable spirit for done activities clearly and without any confusion.

Group Values
Sense of responsibility: Being responsible to the entrusted duties and try to complete the assigned works.
Perseverance: Wholehearted endeavor and overcome despair in doing assigned works.
Rectitude and honesty: Being honest in fulfilling the entrusted duties and assigned works and mange them.
Effective relation with coworkers: Having a good and logic relation with the workers and exchange ideas clearly.
Avoid wasting time: Avoid wasting time in the workplace.
Reliability: attract the employee's trust by keeping their personal secrets.
Having speed and punctuality: Perform the assigned duties on-time on the pre-determined time.
Arrangement: Having the arrangement spirit regarding the individual activities and others in the related unit.
Learning and training: learn from and train to the employees regarding scientific and applied knowledge.
Nice listener: listen to the other employees comments and ideas accurately.

Individual Values
Begin effective: Avoid wasting the time in the works, fulfill the assigned duties very well even if it is your first time, record the experiences for endeavors.
Physical health: Avoid smoking, careful in eating, continuous sports and eating healthy and balanced foods.
To live with ethical principles: being reliable, on-time, speedy, honest, arranged, believed, and other values.
To keep mental hygiene: keep balance between work and recreation, control mental stresses, spend time with the family, disport, having a positive vision and motivation.
Seeking knowledge: Learn new things for doing works, find new ways and have logic thinking in the works.
Being capable of communicating: keep friends, clear speech, and great listening.
Having religion beliefs: observe religious beliefs, fulfill religious obligations, observe the virtue of God, having a sacrifice spirit.
Being financially independent: savings money continuously.
Perform cooperation management: doing group work and consult in fulfilling affairs.
Having cooperation spirit: Help the others, showing empathy, or visit the employees at sick times.

The aforementioned items were recognized as the most important ethical values of Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Co., which are approved and shall be binding on all personnel. For further emphasis in this regard, the company prepared some panel that are fixed in public places showing this rules. All of the employees, managers, and assistants shall try their best to execute and implement the said values and rules.


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