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Osvah Pharmaceutical Co.

Company's History
Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. has been incorporated since 40 years ago in 1966, in the name of Iran Merck Co. (Private Joint-stock Co.), and the factory operation has been started since 1969. This company included production, QC Lab, Research, Technical and Engineering, Warehouses, and administrative buildings and departments.
This company was renamed to Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. in March 1982, and changed into a Public Joint-stock Co. in 1991, then was accepted by Tehran Securities & Exchange Organization since March 1994.
Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. as one the pioneers of Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry is wholly trying to be active in developing the society's health level by using modern technologies in compliance with the standards and international criteria. So that, Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. with the approach of treatment services for incurable diseases like Thalassemia, genetic enzyme disorders, MS, cancer, transplant, etc., have added tens of drugs to the Iranian Pharmaceutical category, including Deferasirox (Osveral), nitisinone, Glatiramer acetate (Esvimer), imatinib, capecitabine (Xeloda), Exemestan (Aromasin), Mycophenolic, Erythropoietin (Osvah poietin), etc. Though the quality development of drugs, maintain thepurchase capability, and physicians and patients consent are among the top goals of this company, this company is wholly consulted with the teachers, masters, specialists, physicians and patients who mention their idea about the products in order to obtain the company's goals. Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. deems the medical society's attention and focus as its capital and will not neglect any endeavor in order to keep this valuable capital which is derived from a 40-year service.


Introduction of the Company
Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. is among one of the most reliable and pioneers of Iranian pharmaceutical Industry, and owns several exclusive lines in producing many drugs. This company is a top rank in Iranian Pharmaceutical industry due to its endeavors in procurement of the drugs needed by the society and tries to maintain the rights of the shareholders in the best manner and to be a reliable trustee for them. Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. owns six productions lines of simple and coated tablets, effervescent tablets, ampoule, drop, sachet (powder and granule), and also pre-filled syringes.
This company with the capability of producing different kinds of simple and coated tablets, and especially producing different type of effervescent tablets, currently owns the most complete production line of dietary supplements in the forms of coated and effervescent tablets and powder. The most important goals of Osvah Pharmaceutical Co., according to its Articles of Association, is to produce a high quality competitive drugs to the pharmaceutical market and increase the consent of the consumers and patients. In addition to its tries for maintaining the market shares, this company hopes to highlight its appearance in the marketplace locally and overseas, and fulfill its innovative goals by accessing more and more profitability.
Enhancing the quality of the produced drugs and making use of the modern knowledge of pharmacy in line with creating an appropriate ground for continuing the life and stability of the company is one of the other goals of this company.
The researchers of Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. were able to create a top level for this company among the medical society in the recent years by producing and distributing new products including those of cancer drugs, drugs for special patients including those suffering from thalassemia, tyrosinemia, cardiac drugs, etc.
Producing some drugs including esvix (Clopidogrel), Osveral (deferasirox), Glitazones (Pioglitazones), Ezetichool (Ezetimibe), Migrastop (Sumatriptan), Enoxaparin, Osvah piotin (Erythropoietin), Nitrozone, Ursodeoxycholic acid (ursodoxy cholic acid), Mebeverine, imaitnibe, xeloda (Capecitabine), which are produced just for the first time in Iran draws an image of creativity and innovation in medical society's mind.
Pharmacologists, experts and employees of Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. are trying to develop the medical level of the society with their new methods in innovation and development, and are also proud of themselves because of it.
Qualitative goals
According to the limitations of the company in the way of development, three following qualitative goals are to be followed as follow:
The necessity of updating and regulating the organizational behavior in accordance with the environmental changes.
The necessity development in a continuous and compatible manner in the internal units.
The necessity of resources combination optimization.

Quantitative goals
It is expected that by execution of a prepared program, the company will reach the average annual growth rate of 24.4% by observing the rights of all beneficiaries through years 2007-2011. We consider it a stable growth, because its execution will make the grounds of another step of the strategic planning for the organization's development.

Vision, duties and values (چشم انداز ماموریت و ارزشها )
Rapid environmental changes in the last decade such as population, social, cultural, economic, and politic ones, while having some positive effects, but encountered the activity of several pharmaceutical companies with different kinds of problems, which passing and obtaining the goals of company needs long-term planning and effective strategies, and also edition and revision of the purpose and basic values.
An abstract of the company' s strategic planning includes vision, assignment, governing values of the company, qualitative and quantitative values, and principle strategies in order to obtain the main goals of the company, which are published in order for a clear clarification and for the purpose of information of all beneficiaries, and now is available.

Company's Vision
Being a paradigm among pharmaceutical companies is deemed as the agreed vision of the managers and employees of the company, in a way that its Persian equivalent named "Osvah" show this reality of knowledge, wisdom, and Iranian intelligence in procurement of drug needs and is a pattern of obligation, specialization, and arrangement in maintaining all the organizational benefits.
By preparing and execution of the company's strategic plan we are believed to the previous endeavors of out prior employees are now showing themselves and the name of Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. shall be all time reminding the excitement, proud, and interest of us in Iranian Pharmaceutical Industry and we shall gratitude them for the previous endeavors which are transferred to us from the past.
We are believed that Osvah shall be a successful pattern of combination of obligations and specialization in the way of innovation and companionship of the change. So that we design a slogan that says "our specialization is the obligation of being a paradigm."

Company's Mission
Interest and attraction in the specialization in obligation of being a paradigm in the Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. is deemed to be the main force of development in the activities and established the fundamentals of our duties and assignment. Based on these fundamentals, a company has been established which:
Our curative drugs in the markets locally and overseas in accordance with the highest qualitative standards are our ultimate social goal and its social justification and its governing philosophy which is arising from are innovative activities.
What made us a unity and enabled us to obtain our social goal. In summary, we are supposing the responsibility of obligation against the past and future as our major element of unity in the organization to access out social goal, and we are undertook to these responsibilities all the time.
What makes us different from our pharmaceutical companies is our focus on being a paradigm in innovation and development. Osvah Pharmaceutical Co. will be the quick gazelle of Iranian pharmaceutical industry in the next decades, which will make the best grounds of pharmaceutical industry in Iran. The social policy and philosophy of Osvah is actuality to be for enliven.
Finally, we will be to prepare a base for Iranian assessment and control of all endeavors in the related grounds. As a witness to this claim are the values which we are focusing on and our strategic plan within the next five years and our obliged to complete it.

Company's basic values
Love the right to live: we love the life are show our respect to this right for all of the creatures, which was clear in our activities and we maintain to this fundamental. We are a company to set the following principles as our basic activities: observing the environmental standards, observing justice in our behavior in the relation of all organizational bonfires, observing qualitative and quantitative values in drugs production and also observing managerial standards in the methods and systems designing.
Being a pioneer in change: We are supposing the life as an accelerated river and show our welcome to change. We are to change the competition and our goals is to win in this changing competition. Osvah is a change making company in the Iranian Pharmaceutical industry.
Justice: We are supposing the world as a moving phenomenon toward the justice in a way that every creature shall be placed in its place. Based on this principle, we are focusing on the justice and deem making ground for best ones as its best meaning. We are to make grounds for those who are better than us without any biases of religion and racial ones and to be solved in an eternal justice.
Specialization: We are focusing on the specialization, our specialty is to be obliged to remain as a paradigm, surpassing the change and increasing the justice in the thought and practice is continuing with the element of specialty. Out most brilliant specialty is actually the obligation by which we are performing the innovation in the industries, organization and our products. Being undertook to specialty obligations, the Osvah is deemed as an entrepreneur gazelle in the Iranian Pharmaceutical industry.

Quality: The quality is our most important criteria for assessment and evaluation in applied obligations to other organizational values. We are focusing on the quality of our activities to maintain the life right, change, and justice and show this importance in the field of leadership and organizational management, methods quality, working systems, and also in the quality of our produced products.
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