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Dana Pharmaceutical Co.



This company was incorporated as one of the most advanced and biggest pharmaceutical companies in the year 1998 in the beautiful city of Tabriz located in the Sabalan mountains

Our assignment is to distribute pharmaceutical products in compliance with the expectations of medical and pharmaceutical society in order to develop and enhance the health level of the society in the markets locally and overseas.

The production activities of this company are divided into two parts of antibiotics drugs and food supplements.

The section of producing effective drugs owns the biggest production line of edible antibiotics initial materials and is the exclusive producer of injectable antibiotics initial materials in the region.

The products on this section include penicillin, edible and injectable Cephalosporins in five modern units.

In the section of drugs production, this company has 16 modern production lines and is deemed as one of the biggest drug producers in the forms of injectable, soft gel, tablet, capsule, edible suspension and sachet in Iran. According to their high quality, this company own a specific share in the market and this share developed brilliantly in the recent years. All of activities are in compliance with cGMP and WHO standards. To access the highest quality, quality guarantee unit is performing supervision and monitoring on all levels and production procedures round-the-clock.

R&D units of the company are responsible to perform researches and vast studies on new drugs formulation with cooperation of the most reliable medical and pharmaceutical faculties and are developing the products quality.

Preserving the rights and profits of beneficiaries observing the stable development and trends toward the beautiful nature and also obliging to keep the health of human resources who are skilled and expert are our most focusing features and all of these items will be result in accessing continuous successes in exporting initial materials and produced drugs to the developed countries and regional countries which lead us to obtain different kinds of international standards.


The vision of Dana Pharmaceutical Co.

To be the pioneer of Pharmaceutical Industry and initial materials for drugs in the region


The mission of Dana Pharmaceutical Co.

The purpose of activities is to distribute and develop pharmaceutical products in compliance with the expectations of medical society and pharmaceutical industry in order to develop the public health and life quality in the markets locally and overseas. Preserving the rights and benefits of the beneficiaries obliging the fundamentals of stable development and applying modern technologies and human resources…


The values of Dana Pharmaceutical Co.

nowledge-oriented, innovativeness and learning to preserve the consumers rights and other beneficiaries, happiness, motivation, cooperation, and employees health, and also observing the environmental preservation













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