Corporate Vision: Creating the Most Valuable Pharmaceutical Investment Company in Iran by Benefiting from the Top Management and Human Resources and New Technology through Companies and Subsidiaries

ShafaDarou Investment Company

ShafaDarou Investment Company is a privately owned joint stock company registered on January 6, 2004 under the registration number 237561 at the Tehran Business and Non-Commercial Organization. Shafadarou Investment Company, as the subject of its main activity, is currently responsible for overseeing and managing seven pharmaceutical companies operating in various fields of pharmaceutical production through investment in pharmaceutical companies.
In order to increase economic efficiency and efficient use of resources and capital, Shafadarou Ivestment Co. (2004) aims to centralize planning and achieve opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry and market of the country with capital. The initial 3 billion riyals were established followed by the company's capital amounting to 391 billion riyals and finally, in 2012, the company's capital increased to 1179 billion Riyals. The Shafararou Securities Investment Company (CJC) has been placed under the financial supervision and supervision of the said organization under the Securities and Exchange Commission. Shafadarou Investment Corporation (JSC) has 7 subsidiaries in the pharmaceutical industry of the country


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