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Pakhshe Razi Co.

Pakhshe Razi Co. (Private Join-stock Co.) was incorporated on July 7, 1984, then was registered under No. 53284 in Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office on August 21, 1987. This company started its activity practically since October 1984. The head office is located at Tehran, and the distribution process is running through 2 center in Tehran and 18 centers in other cities.
Mission statement of Pakhshe Razi Co.

We are rendering services in Pakhshe Razi Co. in the field of preparation and distribution of human drugs and medical goods and play an essential role in procurement of drugs and medical goods needed by Islamic Republic of Iran.
No:13, 4th Golbarg East , Fakhar Moghadam St. Dadman Blv , Shahrak-e Gharb ,Tehran, Iran
Tel: 021 88368521-3
Fax: 021 88368520
Email : info@shafadarou.org